welcome to ichiyon's/mirai's/reimu's hell hole on the internet

i like future funk, japanese 80's funk, anime, touhou, video games, and shitposting


i need me a ae86 nigga

The Games I like to play

Anime's I enjoy

More will be added soon.

welcome to the wasteland :)

(by the way if you wanna mute the music just right click my page's tab and press mute this tab, idk why you would anyway, but just some friendly advice!)

Song playing: Robí en Rose - KISSES


About Me!

im the maker of this here website, im pretty shit at it am i not?

my birthday is on july 24th hi

as you can tell i really love anime and stuff

im asian so im really not considered a weeaboo

im a dumb person who laughs at stupid things :P

my favorite color is pink

i go by a bunch of different nicknames, most notably ichiyon, reimu, mirai, and formerly cyber


My Steam! My Twitter! My Soundcloud (i don't get why people like my cancer more then my serious shit :/)